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Serving Marion, Sumter & Lake Counties in Central Florida


Our Services

  • New Irrigation System Design & Installation

  • Upgrades & Add-ons to Existing Systems

  • Repairs & Reroutes to Existing Systems

  • Investigate & Locate Leaks / Lost Valves

  • Two Wire Path & Decoder Expertise

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Recommendations for System & Water Usage Optimization

  • Counter Sales

  • Fountain Installation & Maintenance

  • PVB / Backflow Testing & Certification

  • Horse Track & Arena Experience

  • Identify Options to Reduce High Water Bills



Parts & Labor


& Accountable

About Us

Jerry Martin Irrigation

Jerry Martin Irrigation was established in 1982 by none other than, you guessed it, Jerry Martin! After many successful years and countless satisfied customers Jerry made the decision to pass on the business and retire.

Our irrigation technicians: Chris, Tyler, Edwin & Cameron (welcome back), are lead by none other than the beloved John Blaney!


Jerry Martin Irrigation started 2021 off right by welcoming John Blaney back into our ranks! Not only did we welcome back John, but we have also recently welcomed back Jason Whitney!

I know our long time customers are excited about this news and if you missed either of them, don't worry we'll be sure to send them out to say hello, all you need to do is call! 

Tabitha and Megan are behind the scenes managing the office and making sure our customers are happy and well taken care of! 

MP Rotator, Picture Courtesy of Hunter Industries

Recent Projects


"Recently had our entire irrigation system overhauled at Ocala Palms home. MUCH to our great satisfaction! Process are fair, estimates are honored, and suggestions provided, but not pushed. Efficient installation and overview of system provided... And we'll be coming back for drop (drip) system overly very soon. 

Highly recommend.

Michael G,

Jerry Martin performed significant upgrades on my irrigation system. They did a wonderful joband the system now works great. They were very professional and I enjoyed working with them. I highly recommend using them.

Belle R.

"Jerry Martin Irrigations just completed a two-day, completed overhaul of our 21 year old irrigation system. The work was completed on time, on budget, and in a professional manner. The original system (which we inherited with the purchase of this property 18 months ago) was very cheaply done. In order to avoid digging up the entire yard, the estimator made suggestions that would maximize the existing system, modernize the heads for greater efficiency, add heads in key spots and move other s for better distribution. We are very pleased with the results! Highly recommended.

Jeffrey R.